May 2019 San Mateo County Condo Review

May 2019 San Mateo County Condo ReviewSan Mateo County CA has a huge market in attached homes, and it’s quite active. In fact, low-maintenance living continues to attract both young and old home buyers. As a result, while single family homes still clinch the most attention, condos and townhomes are easily a close second. Although, a May 2019 San Mateo County condo review can shed more light on exactly how this market performed recently. Let’s have a look now.

May 2019 San Mateo County Condo Review of Prices, Sales and Inventory

What was the takeaway in May, for attached homes pricing? The answer to that has a silver upside. Not only were prices in May up from the previous month, but up, year-over-year.

Median sales price also rose, 4.9%, from April. And, the average sales price saw more gains in May. It was up by 7.5%. In fact, the uptrend points to a rosy picture year-over-year: median sales price up 3.8% and average sales price up 5.6%.

The May 2019 San Mateo County condo review would not be complete without covering actual condo and townhome sales data. Also, it shows some contrasts in trends. Although, pricing figures are up, May sales shows a down trend. In fact, condo sales dropped 13.3%. That’s a year-over-year total.

When it comes to inventory, May was another interesting month of increase. In fact, inventory seems on a steady trajectory of expansion. And, as it continues to do that, we see a rise, over the the year before, for ten months in a row.

Days of inventory is also a key component in market analysis. And, that certainly includes San Mateo County real estate. In fact, days of inventory points to the amount of time it would take to sell all condos and townhomes for sale, divided by how many of them have actually sold. As a result, May days of inventory rose to 44.

Condos and Townhomes for Sale

Last but not least, what about how many condos and townhomes were actually for sale? Looking at June 5th figures, we find there was a total of 152 in San Mateo County. For example, you find this upscale, waterside San Mateo townhome for sale currently active.

Did you know it also takes only 23 days to sell a condo? That’s more great news, for home sellers. And, if you want to sell, now may be the best time.  Just ask a San Mateo County market expert.  Then, start the process with the best strategy. In fact, why not give 5 Star Real Estate Agent, Carmen Miranda a call?