May 2019 San Mateo County Market

The May 2019 San Mateo County market wrapped up with a month of highly anticipated data. Also, that’s data with significant implications for home sellers, buyers and professionals alike. As a result, it pays to pay close attention to the results and trends that shaped May. In fact, that information is available now for your convenience. I hope you find it helpful. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this data.

May 2019 San Mateo County Market Trends At-a-Glance

Trends At a Glance May 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $1,768,000 (+9.1%) $1,620,000 $1,602,500 (+10.3%)
Average Price $2,132,500 (+8.9%) $1,958,510 $2,193,370 (-2.8%)
No. of Sales 397 (+26.0%) 315 426 (-6.8%)
Pending 370 (+20.5%) 307 398 (-7.0%)
Active 544 (+11.9%) 486 382 (+42.4%)
Sale vs. List Price 105.9 (+0.5%) 105.3 112.3 (-5.7%)
Days on Market 21 (-9.9%) 24 16 (+32.8%)
Days of Inventory 41 (-8.1%) 45 27 (+52.8%)
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May 2019 San Mateo County Market
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Key Takeaways for May 2019: Prices & Sales Up From April

When it comes to prices for single-family, re-sale homes, they were up from April. And, the median sales price rose 9.1%. In fact, the average sales price rose 8.9%, as well. That said, year-over-year, the median sales price was up 10.3%. Although, the average sales price fell 2.8%.

Another key factor to examine is the sales price to list price ratio. And, it was at its peak last spring. Then, it reached 113.3%. Although, it dropped to a low of 102.4%, in January, while it was up from that last month, to 105.9%.

As for home sales, that factor rose by 26% from April. At the same time, they were down, year-over-year, for the seventh month in a row: -6.8%. Although, what about how many homes actually sold in May? There were 397 sold.

Please contact me for more details and if you have any questions regarding this data.