Mills Estates Burlingame

Mills Estates Burlingame Neighborhood

Mills Estates Burlingame NeighborhoodMills Estates is a beautifully developed neighborhood in Burlingame that was once part of the sprawling 1,500 acre Mills estate. The estate was a fixture in the area from the 1860s to after WWII. Its towering, 42-room mansion stood until 1954, when it was destroyed by a fire within about 2 hrs. The legacy of the Mills Family is lengthy and accomplished, but the legacy of Mills Estates becomes the focus after that time. Developers, eager to begin providing homes for post-war families, bought up large sections of the estate. One of these sections was procured and became the Mills Estates Burlingame Neighborhood. Most homes and enclaves were built out in the 1960s, making Mills Estates one of the most modern areas of town. Some homes were built since then like opulent estate homes found near Mills Canyon Park.

Features of Mills Estates Burlingame Neighborhood

The old Mills Estate once included Ray Park and Burlingame Village. Although, these neighborhoods were acquired and developed much earlier. Mills Estates was part of the remaining, several hundred acres that still surrounded the mansion, and it included the place where the mansion stood. Today, its a stunning area of lush settings and homes with amazing views, since it sits in a hilly region of the city. It is completely suburban and residential, but still provides quick access to everything in San Mateo County. The Mills Estates Burlingame neighborhood is edged on the west by the I-280. Trousdale Ave. runs through it giving residents quick access to the BART System further east. Getting around is as easy as 1, 2, 3. At the same time, living in Mills Estates feels like a world apart in a relaxed, elite-like lifestyle.

There’s a lot more about Mills Estates Burlingame neighborhood worth exploring. Its streets are quiet, with a gently winding, blissful ambiance. Homes have a warm, welcoming presence and great curb appeal. Find out more about Burlingame Mills Estates homes for sale. If you would like full details on the neighborhood and Mills Estates real estate, contact Carmen Miranda.