Molding and Trim Home Improvement Secret Weapons

Molding and Trim Home Improvement Secret Weapons Mitered Picture Frame Chair RailWondering what you could easily do to make your home even snazzier than it already is? Or, wondering how to easily snazz it up from looking drab? Well, the answer might just be molding and trim. That’s right, simply molding and trim. Although, if you aren’t sure it can be that fundamental, think about it. Have you ever seen a home with nicely defined, crown molding and baseboard trim? Looks great, right? In fact, you could say their sure-to-please, DIY application makes molding and trim home improvement secret weapons! And, what’s not to like about special styles like wainscotting, or chair rail and mitered picture frame molding for the wall? Voila, you have moldings that mimic the rich look of paneling. That said, you can go fancy, elegant, or understated. It all just depends on your home’s style.

More Reasons to Use Molding and Trim Home Improvement Secret Weapons

Exactly how easy and useful is molding and trim? In fact, that’s one of the most awesome things. And, here are some main takeaways:

1. They are an unbeatable deal on pricing. For example, think about an average strip. In fact, it can cost as little as $1 per 8-foot section.

2. They are quite easy to find. And, any home center has plenty. Although, many lumber yards stock a variety of them, as well.

3. They are easy to install. In fact, that includes the novice. And, all you need are the basics like miter, glue, tape measure, nails. Then, warm up to it by making some practice cuts.

4. And, here’s the one I really like. They are versatile. As a result, you can use them on walls, furniture and more! In fact, just using your imagination, you may find even more ideal use for molding and trim.

Secret Weapons For Outrageous Interior Home Appeal

Molding and Trim Home Improvement Secret WeaponsBeginning to see what makes molding and trim home improvement secret weapons? Also, can you see now how they create a whole new beauty and instant update?

How many applications of molding and trim are there? Oh, let me count the ways. You know, there’s simple molding. Then, there’s edgy molding like circle/grid wainscoting. And, you can find a huge variety of wainscotting, for a fancier touch. Although, crown and matching floor board molding, alone can steal the show. Plus, let’s not forget door trim blending well with your wainscotting, or crown and floor board molding, for example.

Molding and trim make for no better way to add balance and a crescendo in appeal for just about any room. As a result, if you’re feeling enthused, why not get started with this great home improvement idea and update? And, head out to your local home center. Shop and compare. Look at some product catalogs. Ask some questions. Although, above all have some fun.

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