Low Interest Rates Boost Market Activity

Mortgage Interest Rates Remain Low

Mortgage Interest Rates Remain LowMortgage interest rates remain low. And, their historic low has a lot to do with a heightened level of home buyer incentive. In fact, many pundits expect that to continue through at least the first few months of January. As a result, those thinking of selling should find plenty of incentive in the new year. They should anticipate a healthy buyer pool and some leverage with pricing. Also, in some competitive areas, with low home inventory, bidding wars may happen. That could give rise to higher sales pricing.

Mortgage Interest Rates Remain Low As We Enter 2021

The news is all good over all for both buyers and sellers in 2021. And, despite some concerns, including covid, a number of positive turns have taken place. In fact, a vaccine has already been developed. That and other effective therapeutics became available. At the same time, whatever states decide to do, real estate isn’t shutting down anytime soon. Based on its 2020 performance and projections for 2021, it’s picking up. Also, demand is spurring the new home building industry to step up. You know, existing home inventory has its limits in many areas of all four sectors of the domestic market. The need for new homes has increased. Mortgage interest rates remain low, as another incentive spurring home buyer interest in new homes.

Existing home sellers have a great momentum to seize on these market trends. They would do well to read the ‘tea leaves’. They would do well to create a plan. Then, set it in motion soon. At the same time, they should expect the heightened interest to draw many buyers their way. They should expect it to draw up top results in a successful home sale. In fact, with the right assistance from a market and home selling expert, they can expect that. They can even expect it in record time. As a result, are you are planning to sell your San Mateo County real estate? What better time to contact, a seasoned sellers agent. What better time to contact Carmen Miranda. And, why not give her a call today to receive a free home value analysis?