National Economic Stability and Expansion

National Economic Stability and ExpansionSomeone would need to be asleep the past few months not to notice much of the posturing in stock market and political spheres. Also, it’s not hard to see how that serves to kindle uncertainty. In fact, it casts a shadow on national economic stability and expansion. After all, the stock market can be a reactionary and ‘hyper-sensitive’ beasty. Besides that, political factions can behave similarly, albeit in different terms. And, the coronavirus is at the center of the hype and alarmism.

National Economic Stability and Expansion and Its Shadow

What factors actually count, at the end of the day, to national economic stability and expansion? Hint, it’s not the hype, talking points or alarmism. You know it’s a given the United States and the world will have their challenges. Although, are the challenges being met and managed, well? Are there solutions? Are they being identified and employed? These are the factors that say it all. As a result, a strong US economy will react to each ‘yes’, positively. And, how does that play out in the current real estate market?

In a variety of ways, the homes market is a function of economic health. And, great health points to higher employment. It points to higher wages. In fact, it points to a larger pool of people willing to buy homes. That in turn, engages home sellers. Although, the virus concerns have created a side effect. At the same time, it’s for the better. It’s for the better for buyers and home owners.

Mortgage interest rates, already low have dropped again. And, suffice it to say that’s due to changes in stock market investing. See a 2020 market overview for details on that. As a result, people have an added incentive. In fact, home buyers have lots to gain. At the same time, sellers gain motivated buyers. It’s a win-win in U.S. real estate sectors. Although, will it last?

Now’s the time to think about buying. And now’s the time to think about selling a home. In fact, it’s easy to get started. Simply put a market expert and real estate pro on your team. In San Mateo County real estate, you can find someone of that stature. You can find Carmen Miranda. Why not give her a call today?