New CA State Rent Control Law

New CA State Rent Control LawMulti-Unit property owners, did you know the new state law, AB1482 recently took effect? Did you know it affects you directly? In fact, it’s deals with rent control, just cause evictions and all scenarios involving them. That is, it covers everything you need to know related to this new CA state rent control law.  As a result, a copy of the law is provided below, courtesy of San Mateo County real estate expert, Carmen Miranda.

New CA State Rent Control Law Effective as of Jan 1st 2020

It makes all the difference for multi-unit property owners to become familiar with laws like AB 1482. Since it impacts how you conduct legitimate business on a large scale, it’s a must-know. And, lack of awareness or taking it lightly could mean serious ramifications later on that you don’t want happening. In fact, it’s a great boon if you know someone who serves multi-unit property owners, in real estate matters and makes themselves fully familiar with the new CA state rent control law. They ensure any gray areas in compliance and precedence are made crystal clear for you. Although, you may not know who to turn to when you need that assist. You may not know who you can rely on fully through the process of real estate matters. As a result, Carmen Miranda is a real estate pro that has the knowledge level, skill and experience. She can provide the assist you need. And, she provides a rich level of resources, right here on that cover much of what multi-unit property owners need to know, now.