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November San Mateo County Condo Activity

November San Mateo County Condo ActivityNow that all the data for November has been compiled, we can view a clear picture of condo market activity in that month. And, we can make some assessments. Although, the data offers insight into what we may expect for December. That said, November San Mateo County condo activity had its ups and downs. In fact, it followed trends from the previous month, in some factors. Also, it offered up unique results in others. As a result, here are some key points from The Real Estate Report. Courtesy of Carmen Miranda.

November San Mateo County Condo Activity 2019

Starting with sales price, November activity shows the median sales price for resale condos falling. And, it fell 1.1% from October. In a year-over-year time frame, it fell 0.7%.  Although, average sales price was on the rise. In fact, it rose 0.6% from October. At the same time, the average sales price rose 1.6%, in a year-over-year time frame.

When it comes to sales, November San Mateo County condo activity 2019 showed some contrasts. In fact, condo sales rose 20.7%. That was from a year-over-year time frame. Although, going by year-to-date, condo sales slumped by 1.2%.

November 2019 condo inventory activity followed the trend from previous months. And, inventory continues to expand. In fact, it’s been higher than the year before for many months. Not only that, it’s been higher for 16 months, in a row. As a result, when compared to last November, it rose 25.5%.

All this data is great. Although, what about the amount of San Mateo County condos for sale? That said, as of December 5th, there were 138 on the market. And by the way, it currently takes about 34 days to sell. In fact, are you are planning to sell a condo? make plenty of sense from the data. As it relates to your real estate, consult with a local market expert. And, give Carmen Miranda a call. Also while you’re at it, ask for a free home value analysis.