November San Mateo County Homes Activity

November San Mateo County Homes Activity How quickly a year can go by. And, here we are in December, already. Although, it’s also an opportunity to look back on previous market activity. In fact, it’s the right time to November San Mateo County Homes Activityget a clear view of November San Mateo County homes activity. All the data is in and charted now. As a result, the following info summarizes how things played out for single family homes last month. And, it’s courtesy of San Mateo County real estate agent, Carmen Miranda.

November San Mateo County Homes Activity In 2019

Well, how did single family, resale homes perform in the dynamic San Mateo County market? In fact, it performed, in some ways, like previous months. Although, November produced some unique tallies.

Starting with the median price time frame, for single family homes, it rose from the previous month. And, it rose in a year-over-year time frame.  Although, the average price was down in both time frames. As a result, we have a rising median price coupled with falling average price. That usually indicates something. In fact, it indicates falling demand. Also, it indicates resistance to prices in the high-end of the market. Here’s what the rise and fall looked like by the numbers.

Median price was up by 1.4% from October. Also, it was up 5.5% compared to last November.  On the other hand, average price fell 1.8% from October. And, it was down by 1.4% compared to last November.

Now, the November San Mateo County homes activity in 2019 has plenty more to tell us. And, these factors help us to gain much more insight. They allow us to make informed market decisions and forecasts. As a result, while they may seem unexciting, they serve a key purpose.

Sales price to list price ratio dropped from 103.8% to 103%. Next, home sales dropped 17.2% from October. And they were down by 3.1%, in a year-over-year time frame. Although, how many homes actually sold? In fact, 314 homes sold in the County last month. By the way, the average since 2003 is 398. Year-to-date, home sales are down 2.9%. Finally and as of December 5th, there were 372 San Mateo County homes for sale.

The Facts for Monthly Market Activity Affect Home Selling

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