Number One Home Upgrade

Number one Home UpgradeMany homeowners may be curious to know what the number one home upgrade might be. And, if they ask any real estate expert, they should expect the answer to be pretty much the same. Although, what is it? Well, it’s the kitchen. Now, that makes sense, right? Our kitchen already serves as a place of real significance, in our daily lives. As a result, when it comes to home upgrades, the kitchen is number one, hands down. At the same time, the bathroom is a close second. But, let’s focus on the kitchen, for now. After all, it’s where we spend a lot of time. It’s where we prepare our meals. And, it’s a focal point of many family and social gatherings. Ok, definitely number one.

Number One Home Upgrade, for Selling a Home – the Kitchen

Especially if a homeowner plans to sell, their kitchen is the first place to look, for increasing their home’s value. And, even if it’s in quite good shape, there’s typically room for improvements. That would mean a mini-remodel. Just things like changing the paint and adding a backsplash, for example, can make a delightful difference.

Now when it comes a maxi-remodel in the number one home upgrade, things like updated cabinetry and stainless steel appliances come into play. And, any outdated counter tops should be replaced. In fact, go with a complimentary granite or quartz option, for the best in appeal, style and durability. Where tile plays a role, go with top quality ceramic that give kitchen niches a sleek look and feel.

What would many a kitchen be without an island? Although, if yours doesn’t have one, you may not even see the need put one in. In fact, why not just go with a rolling island? These are quite popular and are sure to please the eye of every home buyer.

Once the major kitchen remodel projects are done, there may be room to accessorize. For example, put up new, nicely placed recessed lighting. And, why not hang a lovely wine bottle holder? Not only will added touches like these make a great impression on buyers, some can go with you to your new home. Now, that’s an added plus.

Would you like more tips on upgrading your San Mateo County home to sell, fast? Also, do you want to make sure you have the right game plan, right from the start? Simply contact an expert sellers agent. In fact, contact Carmen Miranda. Although while you’re at it, sign up for her free home value analysis. Why not contact Carmen today?