October 2019 San Mateo County Market Trends

A lot of things can change in the domestic real estate market. After all, it’s dynamic by nature. And, that goes for San Mateo County real estate. Month-to-month, its activity is a source of interest, since many ‘moving parts’ come into play. Besides that, it’s one of the most popular home markets in the country. As a result, how it fares relates to myriad of people. That said, October 2019 San Mateo County market trends has something to tell us. Although, where do you get a thorough look at the data? Well, right here, right now, courtesy of Five Star Real Estate Agent, Carmen Miranda.

October 2019 San Mateo County Market Trends Overview

Trends At-a-Glance for San Mateo County
Trends At a Glance Oct 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $1,560,000 (+4.3%) $1,495,000 $1,624,000 (-3.9%)
Average Price $1,967,190 (+13.0%) $1,740,880 $1,983,900 (-0.8%)
No. of Sales 379 (+28.9%) 294 394 (-3.8%)
Pending 357 (+1.1%) 353 339 (+5.3%)
Active 540 (-7.4%) 583 559 (-3.4%)
Sale vs. List Price 103.8 (+0.3%) 103.5 106.6 (-2.7%)
Days on Market 23 (-17.5%) 27 19 (+18.5%)
Days of Inventory 43 (-25.7%) 58 43 (+0.4%)
Market Barometer
October 2019 San Mateo County Market Trends
Prices and Sales
San Mateo County Market Trends - Home Prices and Sales
Days of Inventory
Sales Year-to-Date
Sale Price/List Price Ratio

Market Overview

The October 2019 San Mateo County Market Trends overview tells us a few things, particularly about home prices and sales. In fact, they were a bit of a mixed bag this time. Point in fact, after resale single-family home prices fell 4 months in an row, they were up in October. Also, the median sales price rose, by 4.3%. At the same time, the average sales price gained 13%.

The sales price to list price ratio is another key factor deserving of attention. And, it shows a slight rise. In fact, it went from 103.5% to 103.8%. Although, what about the cardinal factor of home sales and inventory?

Home sales also followed an October uptrend. In fact, it rose 28.9%, from September. Also, 379 homes sold in San Mateo County last month. As a result, that’s fairly close to the average, since 2003. What is that average? 398.

A look at resale, single-family home inventory reveals a downtrend. And, that trend has spanned 3 months in a row now. In fact, for October, it was down 3.4% over last year.

For more details, including condo data, view the October Real Estate Report. Although, do you plan to sell your San Mateo County home? Then, give me a call. And, ask for a free comparative market analysis.