San Mateo Park

One San Mateo Real Estate Best Kept Secret

One San Mateo Real Estate Best Kept SecretSan Mateo, California has many layers of attraction and qualities of life that get a lot of people excited. Although, some of the best features of all might often get unsung. What really makes San Mateo, San Mateo are its people and its homes. It’s suburban layer is the most amazing, with neighborhood after neighborhood of great locations, unique features and real estate. Each neighborhood has special charm and everything from historic to modern qualities. One neighborhood that reflects all the best in the city’s suburban layer is often unsung. One San Mateo real estate best kept secret is San Mateo Park. While you may hear a lot about Aragon, Baywood and other great home markets, it’s easy to see why San Mateo Park real estate reflects nearly every winning feature in quality of life the city can provide. It has historic homes, it has vintage homes. It has remodeled and modern homes. It has natural beauty and serenity as a back drop. Let’s look at more things that make the neighborhood a model of the best features in San Mateo.

One San Mateo Real Estate Best Kept Secret – San Mateo Park

From its start around the turn of the 20th century, it was designed to capture the truest sense of suburbia. Today, that quality still shines through. San Mateo Park is an upscale mix of wooded back drops and stunning custom homes, completely removed from urban and business activity. Anyone interested in San Mateo Park homes for sale will find not only exquisite style and craftsmanship but also oversized lots. They will find huge floor plans in both one and two story types. They will find one San Mateo real estate best kept secret worth prizing.

Most homes were built before WWII. Although, some post war and new construction add to the top choices in custom real estate. The most common styles include Tudor, Colonial, Craftsman and Mediterranean. Most floor plans have up to 4,000 sq. ft. Many streets have no traffic lights. What they do have are finely landscaped traffic circles. Quiet, no congestion, quaint, yet over-the-top elegant, that’s one San Mateo real estate best kept secret that shouts Lovely!

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