Picture Perfect Curb Appeal With Budget Appeal

Picture Perfect Curb Appeal With Budget AppealIn a previous blog we talked about wow factor curb appeal. Although, many of us may want to know about getting that done, on a budget. Also, let’s face it, when it comes time to sell a home, most of us are all on a budget! In fact, we must think carefully about the out-of-pocket that must be spent toward the best sale price. As a result, getting picture perfect curb appeal with budget appeal is on just about every homeowner’s must-do list. And, the good news, it can be done! Let’s have a look now at some of what’s low cost and totally doable.

Get Picture Perfect Curb Appeal With Budget Appeal

Ask yourself, how does the front door look? Could it use some new paint? Also, unless it’s already a bold color, change it up. A contrasting, bold color is sure to make a statement in appeal.  Plus, if you don’t have a steel door, think of making that upgrade. It does add to the value of the home. When it comes to the front door, consider upgrading its hardware, as well.

When it comes to the entrance area, consider adding a stylish mail box. Also add some greenery. For example, hanging plants make an instant splash. And, what about a chair? Think about it. Would be lovely, right?!

Getting picture perfect curb appeal with budget appeal could extend to the gutters. Do they look a little ‘seasoned’? Replace them. It’s also pretty easy and cost-efficient to do.

Keep the front yard neatly edged and weed free. Showcase a garden there with some handsome pavers. Also, have some colorful, flowering accent plants nicely arranged. Of course, keep shrubs trimmed and shapely.

Trees add plenty of beauty and curb appeal. Although, a few things to keep in check include making sure leaf debris does not accumulate. Also trim branches back, keeping them away from the home.

Follow these tips and, voila, you’ll get some totally doable, picture-perfect curb appeal with budget appeal! Although, for more, in-depth tips, taking it to the next level in prepping a home for sale, with a budget in mind, consult with an expert. In San Mateo County real estate, consult with Carmen Miranda. She’s an expert sellers agent, with an abundance of home prepping and staging experience. See her track record in San Mateo County recently sold homes. Then, why not give her a call today?