Popular San Mateo Baywood Neighborhood

Popular San Mateo Baywood NeighborhoodWe’ve talked about popular San Mateo neighborhoods and gave Baywood some mention in the last blog post. Although, let’s give it the attention it deserves. In fact, Baywood has much the same appeal as Aragon. These neighborhoods rub shoulders, and they are in the same area of town as San Mateo Park. That’s another, exclusive place to live. Exclusive is what you get when you put upper-middle class home features together with a secluded, tree-dotted back drop. And, that’s what you get with the popular San Mateo Baywood neighborhood.

If you read the previous blog post on Aragon, that would pretty much describe Baywood. Also, that’s all good. That means you find even more, unique, upscale features. That means you’re still close to everything in San Mateo, while a world apart.

Popular San Mateo Baywood Neighborhood Features Custom Homes

Baywood was also built in the pre-war era. Also, these vintage homes have nothing ordinary about them. In fact, they don’t come across much as ‘vintage homes’. They do come across as beautiful, sturdily built, custom homes. As a result, they come in various sizes and styles. And, since many have been remodeled, expect to find lots more customized features. Expect to find many homes with stunning presence and unique floor plans.

When it comes to San Mateo County real estate, Baywood has some of the most sought after, upscale homes and area features. In fact, it is one of those places, much like Aragon that may host some of the most attractive homes of their kind in California. That’s not much of an overstatement, especially when you add a park-like setting to the popular San Mateo Baywood neighborhood.

You might have a hard time finding Baywood San Mateo homes for sale. People love this neighborhood! In fact, it seems they don’t often move. Although, check with a Baywood and Aragon expert. Someone like that will have inside info, not available to the public, on homes. In fact, check with a San Mateo County real estate expert to get the best insight. They will know all about the fine homes market on the mid-peninsula. That would be Carmen Miranda. Contact her today. In the meantime, you can check here for marketed Baywood San Mateo homes for sale.