Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting Your Realtor

Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting Your RealtorSince you want to choose your realtor wisely, you likely want to know what questions you should ask. Before you commit to putting them to work for you, what will seal the deal in your mind? In fact, what answers to the questions you should ask before selecting your realtor will sell you on them? Here are some. They may even be all the inquiries you need to pose in the selection process.

Right Answers to Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting Your Realtor

Your questions should be well-picked. Although, even more importantly the answers to them should be almost music to your ears. They should at least strike the right notes, especially when your real estate goals play a huge role in your future and well being.

First, talk to at least 3 realtors. Ask each how much time they’ve spent in the real estate industry. In fact, you want an experienced professional working for you, right? You want their answer to be at least 5 years. Anything less, and your taking a big chance, unless they are getting support within a realtor team.

Second, ask where their knowledge and experience is rooted. Do they have a strong record in home sales? Have they found many buyers great homes? Do they continue to build on their achievements? The right answers to questions you should ask before selecting your realtor, at this juncture will be those that reveal a positive, substantive record.

Third, ask how familiar they are with the market trends in the area. In fact, you need someone who is pretty much a market guru in especially tricky and dynamic home markets. As a result, it’s best not to take the answer to this question lightly.

Fourth, you should not put aside asking the realtor what their marketing strategy will be. Be up front, and expect an honest, candid response. In fact, expect honest and candid handling of your buying or selling real estate matter, from start to finish! Also, in light of that expect regular communication during the whole process. Move away from the realtor who seems vague or a bit shady about these criteria.

Last But Not Least Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting Your Realtor

Fifth, ask what the realtor requires in their contractual agreement. Of course, it must be clear to you what committing to them means. In fact, sign nothing, until you know what costs go to you, including the realtor’s commission rate. Make sure your responsibilities are defined, as well as the realtor’s. Note that commission rates vary on average between about 3 and 6 percent.

Oh, and one more thing, settle on a realtor who isn’t afraid to negotiate a great selling or purchase price! Also, settle on one who has a genuine interest in your success. In fact, only settle on one who has the skill and know how to handle your unique situation, for the best outcome! In San Mateo County, you can settle on a 5 Star Real Estate Agent. Take a look at her San Mateo County realtor credentials. Browse Then, get in touch with Carmen, she’s a top choice!