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Quintessential Curb Appeal

Quintessential Curb AppealWhat exactly does curb appeal mean? Does a home need it? Does it really matter much? Well, it certainly has some influence on the way your home is perceived by outsiders. It has to do with how you home looks on the outside. When someone plans to sell their home, it has quintessential meaning. A seller wants potential buyers to get a great impression of their home instantly. The way to do that is create quintessential curb appeal. We all enjoy being able to beautify our home, so that it’s pleasant to approach and for others to see. Although, for many homeowners it can be hard to know where to start to make the best impact on buyers.

How to Create Quintessential Curb Appeal

While we proudly keep and manicure our yards, when it comes to impressing a home buyer, we may need to go beyond the norm. We should start with cutting back hedges and trees. Flowers here and there help. We can add interest with contrasts in ground cover and keep edging impeccable. There’s a lot we can do to enhance the entrance area or walkway, such as with accent lighting.

How to create quintessential curb appeal includes taking pictures of your home from the street. Step away by the curb and take a good long look at it yourself. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes that would be driving up and seeing it for the first time. A lot will strike you when you look at it from that perspective. You’ll see points and imperfections that went unnoticed. You’ll find just what you need to do to get the quintessential effect. Even if you don’t, the expert sellers agent you should hire, if it’s someone like Carmen Miranda tells you exactly what needs improving, and they help you get it done.

And once you get beyond the yard, your expert sellers agent points out just the right touches on your home’s exterior that should put it over the top in curb appeal. Maybe new paint, maybe new shudders, maybe something else will complete the quintessential curb appeal. When you look at it again from the street to satisfy yourself, you’ll smile inside, full of confidence. You know it will make a great impression, and you can put any doubts about it aside.

Thanks to Diamond Certified realtors like Carmen, hundreds of home sellers in San Mateo County have experienced great satisfaction and results from achieving quintessential curb appeal. You can too.