Redwood City Lagoon Canal Homes

Redwood City Lagoon Canal Homes

You won’t find many towns where you can live on or near a central lagoon. Add to that canals. And, that’s simply due to the fact not many such places exist. As a result, when you find one, it’s clearly something special. That said, it’s as if San Mateo County real estate knew that and went out of its way to make sure such a place could be found, on the peninsula. In fact, you find a shining example in Redwood City. At its heart lies a large, sparkling lagoon and canals. As a result, Redwood City lagoon canal homes are at the heart of a coveted, waterside lifestyle.

Redwood City Lagoon Canal Homes and Neighborhoods

Plenty of select areas turn up around the city’s lagoon. Also, fine homes turn up for sale in them, from time to time. In fact, some of these include private enclaves and more benefits in location. Think an island-like back drop and parkland.

Redwood City lagoon canal homes and neighborhoods currently feature a special treat in real estate. Also, that includes lots of pleasant surprises in a unique home for sale. In fact, you find a prime location right now in a Lighthouse Cove enclave. Then, you find Redwood City CA home for sale, 836 Intrepid Ln.

836 Intrepid Ln. 3204 could be for some, a chance of a lifetime in home ownership. Also, this home includes dozens of upgrades. Not the least of these is a 3 bdrm renovation. Nice! Although, you just might be thrilled with nearly every truly stunning feature of this home for sale. As a result, if you’d like to see it, that’s easy. Simply call Carmen Miranda. Schedule a showing. Then, see it close up, before it flies off the market. Why not give Carmen a call today?