Redwood City Multi Family Property for Sale

In Redwood City’s Friendly Acres neighborhood, you find some great features in residential real estate. And these include not only single family homes. They include multi family property. In fact, investors will want to know about the property located at the corner of Dodge Drive and 8th Avenue. They’ll want to know due to its rare, residential, single family appeal. As a result, it’s a property ripe with benefits in ROI. At the same time, anyone interested should inquire soon. They should inquire about Redwood City multi family property for sale. It’s a rare gem and will likely be on the market only a short time.

Redwood City Multi Family Property for Sale, Residential Investment Opportunity

Redwood City Multi Family Property for saleLet’s start with the property’s unit at 1025 8th Avenue. It straddles the corner of 8th Ave. and Dodge Drive. And, it sits in a peaceful niche. At the same time, its curb appeal settles squarely in a single family home vibe. In fact, it includes a lovely fenced yard, with shade trees. Add to that a red tile roof and charming, covered entrance area. 1025 8th Ave. also includes 2-bdrms, 1-bath. As a result, 1025 8th Ave. looks like a delightful cottage and feels like one on its own lot.

Behind the 8th Ave. unit, on Dodge Drive, you find 3 more prime units. And, they complete the whole investment package. First, you find 1008 A. It’s a Studio apartment. It’s on the lower level of the Dodge Drive-facing property. And second, you find a separate unit, upstairs, with 2-bdrms, 1-bath, remodeled kitchen and bath. It also includes a huge front deck complete with wrought iron railing. As a result, though attached, it feels like a single family home. Then, on the lower level again and attached next to these units on Dodge Drive, you find another gem. It also settles squarely in a single family vibe. You find 1010 Dodge Dr.

The Redwood City multi family property for sale in Friendly Acres is quite a rare, residential investment opportunity. In fact, it’s almost like owning 3-single family homes +, with 1010 Dodge Dr. being the 3rd. It has a well landscaped, tree-dotted and fenced front yard. And, it includes a covered front porch, with secluded entrance area. Inside, you find the home with 2-bdrms, 1-bath.

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This residential, multi family investment property in Friendly Acres is also close to many, popular attractions. These include the New State of the Art School of Medicine in Stanford Redwood City. They include Marsh Manor. It hosts many shops. Add to that the property’s ideal, central location. Don’t miss out on what could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to add major gains in ROI to your portfolio. Contact listing agent, Carmen Miranda for full details. Why not give her a call now!