Redwood City Redwood Shores Neighborhoods

Redwood City Redwood Shores NeighborhoodsHow does living in a private niche, on the edge of a sparkling lagoon sound? Also, how does that sound, in a coastal town, by the bay? You know that a place like that should seem quite special. In fact, it becomes an exception not a standard in neighborhoods, whether or not you like the idea. Although, if you do, you find it only in a few towns like Redwood City CA. And, only one, specially planned area there has a lagoon. As a result, Foster City Redwood Shores neighborhoods can be real show stoppers. In fact, many of them include private and exclusive features.

Exclusive Redwood City Redwood Shores Neighborhoods

All neighborhoods are not created equal. And, that includes those in Redwood Shores. Yes, dozens of enclaves edge the water. Although, some clearly have an ‘edge’. In fact, they seem to be a cut above. They include even island locations. Also, they may include not just homes overlooking the lagoon. They may include homes next to lush green spaces and parkland. Nice.

You find some, exclusive Redwood City Redwood Shores neighborhoods nestled on a secluded stretch of lagoon. Also, you find some next to Sandpiper Park and Community Center. You find others in private, gated enclaves like Shorebird Island. Many homes there also have great views of Shorebird Park. And, residents can access the park’s walking trails and outdoor sports courts.

Redwood Shores private, secluded, park side, lagoon and even island homes have still another great feature. You find them within quick access to everything. For example, you find Regatta townhomes across from Sandpiper Elementary School. Also, you find them only about 2 miles from services and shopping. Add to that top job centers like Oracle just a few miles away. As a result, you find an area brimming with tucked away homes and exclusive niches. At the same time, you find ideal locations in Redwood City Redwood Shores neighborhoods.

If you would like to find out more about lagoon homes, browse Redwood City homes for sale. Although, for full details on lagoon living, in San Mateo County real estate, contact an local area expert. Contact Carmen Miranda. Why not give her a call today?