Redwood Shores Central Lagoon Features

Redwood Shores Central Lagoon FeaturesWhat’s not to like about waterfront living? Although, if you like the idea but aren’t up to oceanfront, and lots of water sports in the mix, you can find a happy medium. In fact, one community stands out in San Mateo County CA, with an especially delightful alternative. Can you guess what it is? If you said Redwood Shores central lagoon features, you’d be right. And, Redwood Shores, while on the bay side of the peninsula, has a tucked away feel, off the ocean. At the same time, it comes chock full of neighborhoods and homes against sparkling lagoon waters. Is that quite an elegant, understated, waterfront lifestyle? Let’s have a close up look to find out now.

Redwood Shores Central Lagoon Features, Neighborhoods and Homes

As you might expect, with the main lagoon there are many canal offshoots. These add to the location of great variety in waterside homes. And, home niches range from single family subdivisions, to private, townhome enclaves. They even include exclusive, private island, single family homes. As a result, there is lots of choice options, to choose from. For example, do you want low maintenance living? Townhomes and condos make up much of the real estate. Do you want single family? You find them well represented. Of course, include the shimmering, waterside back drop! Although, do you have your heart set on a more upscale and private feel, in either of these property types? Expect to find some of the best, in Redwood Shores real estate. In fact, one such, private, townhome enclave has its own, pristine water ways. They meander gently, inside the community grounds. Nice touch!

Redwood Shores central lagoon features, neighborhoods and homes spread out in fascinating appeal. And, they are inviting to write about. They command many facets of great waterfront living. They seem to do that in an effortless and delightfully unique way. As a result, it’s hard to find something not to like!

Redwood Shores is premier, waterfront San Mateo County real estate. Would you like to know more about it? Then, why not talk with a local area, real estate expert? Talk with Carmen Miranda. Why not contact her today?