Redwood Shores Island Homes with Boat Docks

Redwood Shores Island Homes with Boat DocksIn San Mateo County real estate, you can find plenty of waterfront homes. And, you can even find island homes. You can find them in a few waterfront towns, including Redwood Shores. In fact, waterfront living is what it’s all about in that town. With a large central lagoon and many canals, you can expect a wide variety of types and choices in waterfront living. These include homes with boat docks. Although when it comes to island homes, can you find any of them with boat docks, as well? The answer is Yes. At the same time, you can find Redwood Shores island homes with boat docks, in exclusive, private back drops. As a result, that type of home in the town is a step up in privacy and luxury. Also, they are limited to only a handful of locations around the lagoon.

Redwood Shores Island Homes with Boat Docks and Luxury Extras

As mentioned, Redwood Shores island enclaves have a removed, private vibe. And, some more than others.  In fact, you can find a few of them as exclusive, gated subdivisions, with stunning luxury homes. Not only that, you can find many of those homes on every stretch of their island’s waterfront. Some of them even include the added appeal of a tucked away, cul-de-sac location.

Some Redwood Shores island homes with boat docks come brimming with luxury extras. Take the Shorebird Island home for sale at 674 Island Place, for example.  It’s a prime example of the best in private island living. In fact, if you choose to view it, plan to be pleasantly amazed at many of its custom, upscale features. And, some may refer to 674 Island Place as an executive home. Although, add to that discerning taste in a high-end, elegant edge.

Get more details on Redwood Shores Island homes. Simply contact a local area market and real estate expert. Although, for full details on home for sale, 674 Island Place, CA 94065, contact Carmen Miranda today.