Rewarding Home Buyer Game Plan

When you are looking for a home, sometimes the right one doesn’t pop up right away. And, you must keep looking diligently. At the same time, that phase can often become challenging. It can even become arduous, without the proper help. On the other hand, when you tap on opportunity, when it pops up, things quickly change. Although, the right contacts can result in quite a rewarding home buyer game plan.  In fact, the process can even become a reward in itself.

Rewarding Home Buyer Game Plan For a Win-Win

Rewarding Home Buyer Game PlanLate last year, I had the pleasure of playing a key role in a rewarding home buyer game plan. At that time, I met some first time buyers at one of my open houses. And although, they did not buy the home, we toured the Mid Peninsula. In fact, we toured many neighborhoods and homes in San Mateo County. Also, our time touring was worthwhile and gave them keen insight into the local features and amenities.

After touring the Mid Peninsula, the buyers decided to do the same for the east bay region. And, I kindly referred them to a great realtor there, who would help. At the same time, the buyers and I stayed in touch. Although, they soon realized that the Mid-Peninsula was ‘home.’ Then, we put a rewarding home buyer game plan into full motion. And, I’m happy to say it resulted in a satisfying win-win. In fact as luck would have it, a similar property to the one they originally viewed hit the market. It was a great 3bd/4bath townhome, in the same neighborhood where we first met.

Happily, the townhome turned out to be their ‘perfect’ home. And, they were ecstatic when they won the bidding. In fact, that was especially rewarding for them in a multiple offer situation. Although, tense when they were told they weren’t the highest bidder. Thankfully, the seller was on the same page. Now, their first home is all theirs. As a result, seeing them happy more than made my day. I’m feeling happy and thankful to be a part of their experience and solution, start to finish. In fact, it’s truly a win-win, home buyer game plan, with Happy buyers…Happy sellers…and even a Happy realtor. This is what real estate is all about!👏❤