Right Questions to Ask When Home Buying

Right Questions to Ask When Home BuyingAs a continuation of the last blog, I want to share more about the right questions to ask when home buying with you. Knowing these questions, among others gets buyers out from behind the eight ball. It empowers them. So, let’s get right to it.

Right Questions to Ask When Home Buying

It’s important for buyers to get detail-focused in their questions, even if it sounds nit picky.

-For example, you ought to know if there has ever been a broken pipe or sewer back up. In fact, almost 25% of home insurance losses can be attributed to that kind of damage. Also, evidence of it might be detected by your inspector. So, you can ask them, too.

-You might already have this question in mind among others. How old is the roof? The roof is a big deal for most of us. We want what’s over our heads to be solid and in good shape. Knowing the age of the roof let’s you figure out if you’ll need to get a new one or not.

-This is another question that you may already have in mind. Have there ever been any pest infestations? If so, when was pest control implemented? If it’s been awhile, you might want to work out getting the house tented with the seller. The best time for that is between owners, when the house is empty.

-Now, this is another subtle but key question that may have escaped you. Are there warranties on the appliances and things like the garage door, for example?  It’s really a great help to know these things. You can figure out how old the items and systems are and if they’ll need replacing anytime soon. So, ask the owner. Get them to show you the documentation.

A Few More of the Right Questions to Ask When Home Buying

-What are the parking restrictions? Sometimes in certain areas, parking permits may be required. Especially relevant, where can you park and how many cars can you park on the property? Is the garage big enough? Know what to expect ahead of time.

-Last but not least, find out if the house has any type of unusual history. Sellers are legally required to divulge if a death or crime occurred on the property. These are all things you should know. In addition, you should know if anyone famous lived there, or even if the home was considered haunted.

Know the right questions to ask when home buying. Ask them. Get answers. If you have a great realtor on your team, you won’t run into any trouble getting them.