Ryan Tract Hillsborough Neighborhood

Ryan Tract Hillsborough Neighborhood

Ryan Tract is a neighborhood located in what locals call ‘lower Hillsborough’. It sits next to the exclusive Oaksbridge neighborhood. Although, it may be the more desirable of the two. The Ryan Tract Hillsborough neighborhood has both old and new homes, creating a fine blend of past and present in luxury living. It shines through in vintage estates and modern elegance. Its secluded features include a prestigious back drop. At the same time, its location makes it a great choice for convenience. It is closer than other Hillsborough neighborhoods to Burlingame Avenue, lots of shopping, dining and commuting.

Ryan Tract Hillsborough Neighborhood Features

Ryan Tract Hillsborough NeighborhoodSome of the most laudable homes in town are found in Ryan Tract real estate. They include a historic mansion, Newhall Manor. It was built in 1897. Many other majestic homes are turn of the century. Homes like these range in price from about $5M – $10M. Plenty of other homes in the Ryan Tract Hillsborough neighborhood are post war and modern. Quite a few were built from the 1950s through the 1980s. Some were built since 2000, with the latest in posh features. Homes like these range in price from about $3. 5M – $5M. A few are valued around $10M plus. Whatever their age and style, they come with an average of 4-5,000 sq. ft. and large lots. Some come with over 1 acre.

It’s great to know that several homes typically come on the market yearly in the neighborhood. An interested buyer may be able to find styles available like mid-century, California rancher, Tudor, Spanish, traditional and custom modern. Ryan Tract real estate has no shortage of highly sought after properties. For all the points already mentioned and many others, they typically stay on the market for only a short time. Find out more about them. Browse www.CarmenMiranda.com. View Ryan Tract Hillsborough neighborhood luxury homes. Contact an area expert for details.

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