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San Bruno Top Selling Realtor

San Bruno Top Selling RealtorDo you own a home in San Bruno that you plan to sell? Do you want to get it sold fast, for top dollar? If you are like most home sellers with these expectations, you don’t want any dilly dallying. You want someone who knows exactly what their doing to get started with the process right from the start. You want to tap on a San Bruno top selling realtor from the get go. You want to make certain you can put your full confidence in them. But exactly what credentials should they have? What really makes the difference between selling your San Bruno home and selling your San Bruno home fast, for top dollar?

San Bruno Top Selling Realtor That Makes the Difference

Home sellers like you should settle on a San Bruno realtor that has sold homes in San Mateo County, for decades. Especially a realtor like that should have a state-of-the art website and online presence. Since they have a history, they should have a track record in homes sold available on their site. You should check the recently solds out. In addition, a top realtor should have plenty of client testimonials. As a result, these should be easy to find on their website. Finally, a top realtor owns some impressive credentials. Most notably, their awards and certs show consistently above average performance. It should be pretty clear that the realtor wants to make your goals theirs and has great negotiating skills. So, what kind of awards/certs defines a San Bruno top selling realtor that makes the difference?

Widely trusted and considered an expert, a Diamond Certified Realtor delivers quality real estate services every time. A Diamond Certified Realtor also with Top Agent Network gives you double assurance. What agent out their gives you that? You want to look for a San Mateo County realtor like Carmen Miranda. She conducts high octane, quality real estate services on the San Francisco Peninsula. The realm of residential, investment and lease property makes up her expertise. While loving what she does, she especially takes pride in it. Since 1989, Carmen remains devoted to the real estate profession. She puts the wind in your home seller sails. Just read some of the things recent San Bruno home sellers have to say about her.

San Bruno Top Selling Realtor Testimonial

– “I had received a mailer from Carmen and contacted her last summer to sell our duplex in San Bruno.”

– “As we were first time sellers…took the time to explain all the steps, and answered all the questions that we had.”

– “Our house was sold within 2 weeks of being on the market, received multiple offers, all within the exact price range that Carmen had predicted!”

Read the full San Mateo County realtor testimonial and others. Find out what this San Bruno top selling realtor can do for you. Contact Carmen today.