Baywood Park Real Estate

San Mateo Baywood Park Neighborhood

San Mateo Baywood Park NeighborhoodBaywood Park is one of those places in San Mateo that gets a thumbs up and top ratings from lots of people. For one thing, it is ideally situated, ‘way out west’ of the downtown area and hustle and bustle. It is still close to major commuting lanes, shopping and dining. Baywood Park real estate is ideally situated with choices for families of every size. It has more modern features than a lot of real estate built closer to town. These features include many San Mateo Baywood Park neighborhood homes that are large, luxury, single family types. Homes come with roomy lots. Some of these exceed 1/2 an acre.

San Mateo Baywood Park Neighborhood and Homes

About 3/4 of a square mile makes up the area’s location. It includes sometimes heavily wooded, hilly back drops. Baywood Park sits between the Highlands westward and Parrott Dr. eastward. The I-92 marks its southerly edge and woodlands, its northerly edge. The San Mateo Baywood Park neighborhood has a peaceful, spread out feel. Real estate master planning, gently winding streets and plenty of cul de sacs add to the appeal.

The Baywood Park real estate market covers a wide variety of homes. These range from sprawling, California rancher style to large, two story executive style homes. Typically, plenty of modern extras can be found in any style of home in the market. Bedrooms range from 3 to as much as 5, and a lot of homes have custom patios and pools. The Baywood Park home for sale at 14 Parrott Court is one great example. It has a stunning open floor plan full of luxury extras.

The San Mateo Baywood Park neighborhood is close to parks like Timberlane Park. It is also close to open spaces like those off of Polhemus Rd./Crystal Springs Rd.  Local Shopping centers, restaurants and schools are within minutes. Schools include Highlands Elementary, Borel Middle School and Aragon High School.

There’s a lot to like about San Mateo Baywood Park neighborhood and homes. Quiet, suburban, with an accent on elegance, folks in the market for San Mateo homes for sale should make their first stop ‘way out west’, past Parrott Drive. If you would like to find out more about Baywood Park and other areas and homes in San Mateo County real estate, browse www.carmenmiranda.comContact diamond certified realtor, Carmen Miranda for full details.