San Mateo Beresford Park Neighborhood

San Mateo Beresford Park NeighborhoodSan Mateo Beresford Park refers to a large park and recreation center. It also refers to a close knit back drop, with quiet streets and homes. In fact, many people think of this area as either Beresford Park or Beresford Manor. Although, either way you look at it, you find a lot of appeal. As a result, the San Mateo Beresford Park neighborhood has plenty to offer in gracious living, and with a popular edge.

The public park includes Beresford Recreation Center, sports fields, tennis courts and play areas. Also, it includes a garden and plenty of green spaces. In fact, much to the delight of many residents, the park and Beresford Elementary School are within a short walk. That said, Beresford Park is a highly walkable neighborhood. Even other schools, churches, shopping centers, and a Caltrain station are quite close by.

Walkable Livable San Mateo Beresford Park Neighborhood

Now that we’ve got a pretty good picture of what the area is like, let’s look at some of the homes. They include quite an interesting mix of pre-war and post-war homes. Built to last in each stage of planning, these homes come together to create a welcoming, relaxed feel. At the same time, their unique features and nostalgic styles give the area an eclectic edge. In fact, it’s an edge that lots of people tend to love.

Beresford Park homes include another, appealing edge. You may not find a single home that looks quite the same as another. Although, you will find these homes with highly attractive profiles and lovely, well sculpted yards. Also, you will find some homes in the San Mateo Beresford Park neighborhood with newer features, since they have been remodeled, enlarged, or even rebuilt.

It’s walkable, livable, with and eclectic edge. It includes great options for easy, relaxed living, learning working and playing,  Also, homes attract many singles, young families and seniors alike. That makes the neighborhood even more interesting and engaging. Sounds like a popular place to me!

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