San Mateo County Condo Real Estate Update

San Mateo County Condo Real Estate UpdateLots of things come together to make a real estate market report. And, the break down can be quite detailed. That, if the report is thorough. Although, it should at least include key data on both single family and condo/town homes. Since most markets include them and both are popular, it makes sense. In fact, in large markets like San Mateo County real estate, there are thousands of condo/town homes. As a result, plenty of data exists. At the same time, where do you find a San Mateo County condo real estate update? Well, you can find it right here on Also, besides being a real estate pro, Carmen is an expert on the County homes market. Her reports are thorough, down to many details. After all, as Carmen might say, why create a market report if it’s incomplete? And, you can view her full Real Estate Report now.

San Mateo County Condo Real Estate Update, November 2020

What are the key takeaways from the resale condo/town home activity for November? Looking at sales first, they were up 17.6% year-over-year (YoY). Although, monthly, they were down by 3.8%, from October.

Condo pricing tells another, ‘telling’ story. And, median sales price was up YoY, by 2.2%. Although, it too was down slightly, from October, by 0.5%. A look into pricing also means a look at the average data. In fact, it fell a bit YoY, by 3.3%. Also it fell by 6.9%, from October.

Resale condo inventory represents another key factor in market analysis and reporting. And, it rose 62.6% YoY. Although, it was down by 14.3%, from the previous month. In fact, as of December 5th, there were 252, San Mateo County condos for sale.

The data points in any San Mateo County condo real estate update can have some meaning, to some individually. But, their meaning and the state of the market are only fully understood when analyzed together. And, no one knows that better than a local market expert like Carmen Miranda. In fact, no one can likely sell your property quicker, for the best price than Carmen. If you’re planning to sell, why not give her a call today?