San Mateo County Home Sales Overview

San Mateo County Home Sales OverviewJanuary 2019 market data points to a steady softening of the home sales price to list price ratio, in San Mateo County CA real estate. It’s a ratio reflecting the difference between actual sales price and asking price. In fact, 102.5% reflects the latest figure on the ratio. Also, for comparison, in March the ratio settled at 113.3%. As a result, what does this mean in the scheme of things? Well, it shows the market trending away from a seller’s edge. As a result, this San Mateo County home sales overview reveals some trending for a buyer’s edge.

In another related update, the median sales price of a single family resale home trended downward. And, it fell, year-over-year. In fact, it did that for the first time, since March 2016. Although tied to that fact, home sales were also down, from last December. In fact, for the year, they were down by 5.8%.

San Mateo County Home Sales Overview – Inventory Update

Inventory also played a key role, related to home sales. And, as of January 2019, home inventory has set a marked course in expansion. For example, in December, it was up. In fact, it was up by 70.9% over last year’s figures. As a result, by January 5th, the County had 282 homes for sale.

Days of inventory offers up another key factor in the San Mateo County home sales overview. Also, the same is true for time it takes to sell a home. In the case of days of inventory, December’s average was upbeat at 37 days. And, it takes about 30 days to sell a home.

It takes an expert to master all the data on a market, with many ‘moving parts’. With that in mind, do you plan on selling your San Mateo County home? Consult a market expert. Also, ask for a free comparative market analysis? You can find both simply by contacting Carmen Miranda.