Low Interest Rates Boost Market Activity

San Mateo County Homes and Condos

San Mateo County real estate has its up and down trends. Although, even in these uncertain times, it holds its own. In fact, it’s a real estate market that has many positive indicators. And, interest in San Mateo County homes and condos only seems to be growing. As a result, while the home inventory may not always meet with rising demand, there are more than enough potential buyers to make the market pop. At the same time, sellers have much to gain in this market climate. But what is spurring the growing buyer pool? What is the catalyst that seems to be defying conventional wisdom in a covid-19 backdrop?

San Mateo County Homes and Condos Popularity Growth

San Mateo County Homes and CondosAfter covid-19 became an issue, many companies adopted work-from-home policies. Although initially, most were meant to be temporary. Now, a lot of businesses have made them permanent. And, that has impacted some areas significantly. In fact, San Francisco has been on the forefront of the impact. Since many of its businesses have adopted permanent work-from-home, employees don’t see the need to live close to work. They have more flexibility, and can now look at living outside the city. As a result, San Mateo County homes and condos have earned great appeal from a new, buyer pool. Now, living in the suburbs makes sense, sounds good and doable.

As many people leave their San Francisco dwellings behind, they find plenty to choose from. And, they find a stunning level of suburban living options. In fact, the County comes chock full of single family homes, condos and townhomes. It’s brimming with something to suit a wide variety of buyer types. In fact, the County makes up most of the peninsula. As a result, a huge range of areas also comes into play. People can find small town living by the bay. They can find it by the Pacific, by rolling hills or in them. They can even find towns with central lagoons and private islands. There’s a home for just about anyone in San Mateo County! And work-from-home jobs make being a part of that easier to grasp.

Sellers, now’s the time to prep and place your home on the market. Now’s the time to reach highly motivated buyers. And, now’s the time to do it right, the first time. In fact, put a local market, real estate expert on you team. Contact 5 Star Real Estate Agent, Carmen Miranda. Then, expect your home sold for top dollar and in record time!