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San Mateo County Homes Data Dip

San Mateo County Homes Data DipA key factor in the market trends for June 2019 showed homes sales prices slip. And, they slipped in large part, as compared to May numbers. Although, much year-over-year factors reflected the same downtrend. That said, what do the numbers tell us?  Well, to look at home sales prices, we must look at median and average sales price data. As a result, the June median sales price dipped 8.2%, from May. And at the same time, average sales price dipped 0.8%. Then, with the year-over-year data, we still see a dip, in median sales price. It settled at 1.8%. Although, the average sales price did not follow the same, year-over-year trend. Instead, it gained 6.2%. And, there’s more to the breakdown. The San Mateo County homes data dip shows up in related areas. In fact, the dip carries over, into amount of home sales and the sales price to list price ratio.

San Mateo County Homes Data Dip In June 2019

June 2019 home sales also showed a dip, from May. The difference was 7.3%. And, the year-over-year data shows this downtrend happening for 8 months now, in a row. Although,  that’s not the end of the downtrend story. It can also be seen in June sales price to list price ratio. It fell from 105.9%, to 104.6%.

June’s, San Mateo County homes data dip, surfaces with the amount of homes sold. Point in fact. Since 2003, the County average tops off at 398. Although, the total sold in June was 368.

What do all these subtle dips in price and hard sales data mean? Well, that’s something only a market expert can likely tell you. And, while some may see the data as an issue, others may see it as real opportunity. As a result, if you want to sell a home, for example, get opportunity knocking on your door. Contact a local market expert. In fact, contact one, who can turn any subtleties in the market, to your benefit. And, for that in San Mateo County real estate, count on Carmen Miranda. By the way, she’s on the prestigious, America’s Best Real Estate Professionals list, for both 2018 and 2019. She’s an expert in a number of areas for real estate. Why not give  her a call today?