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San Mateo County Homes Market Update

San Mateo County Homes Market UpdateIt’s been another interesting month, in San Mateo County real estate. And, that’s true, once again, for single family homes.  For example, in months prior to September, we’ve seen a downtrend in single family, resale home prices. In fact, the downtrend continued in September. As a result, prices were down for the 4th month, in a row, month-over-month. Also, the median sales price took a dip. It fell 2.3%. Although, average sales price followed with a similar dip. It fell 3.8%. That said, there’s more to the San Mateo County homes market update, covering September 2019.

San Mateo County Homes Market Update, September 2019

We also have a year-over-year perspective to reference, when it comes to the median and average sales prices. And, these showed a decline. In fact from that perspective, the median sales price fell 7.0%. Although, the average sales price fell 11.4%.

In other interesting updates, reflecting downtrends, the sales price to list price ratio took a dip. And, it dipped from 104.2% to 103.5%. In fact, home sales fell 12.2%, from August. Although, their year-over-year figure shows a dip by 2.6%.

It may be easy for market experts to make sense of all the data for San Mateo County homes market update, September 2019. Although, there are some hard numbers we can all understand. They focus on homes sold and inventory. That said, a total of 294 homes sold in San Mateo County last month. The average since 2003 is 398. When it comes to inventory, it’s been on a downtrend, for 2 months in a row.

Now, anyone interested in some or all of September’s real estate report, should also be interested to know about  San Mateo County homes for sale. How many of them were for sale? In fact, as of October 5th, there were 583. Want to know the average for homes for sale? Since  January 2003, it is 1,287.

It is taking twenty-seven days to sell a home. That is the time, from when a home is listed to when it goes into contract. And, if you plan to sell your home, why not contact a real estate expert? Why not contact someone, who can make perfect sense of the whole local market and home selling process? As a result, why not contact Carmen Miranda today?