San Mateo County January 2021 Condo Market

San Mateo County January 2021 condo market showed marked ups and downs in January.  And, that can easily be seen in the data. In fact, while resale condo sales were up year-over-year (YoY), they were down from December. As a result, sales rose 29.6% YoY. Although, they fell by 62.9%, from December. At the same time, median sales price for resale condos fell 1.2% YoY. In contrast, it rose by 5.9%, from previous month. The same pattern, reversed shaped the average sales price. It fell from December, by 32%, while YoY, it rose, by 1.9%.

San Mateo County January 2021 Condo Market Activity Overview

San Mateo County January 2021 Condo MarketCondo market activity in January also showed a marked rise in inventory. At the same time, a down turn. In fact, resale condo inventory jumped 109.5% YoY. Although, it slumped from December’s total. As a result, it fell 40.4% compared to the previous month.

San Mateo County January 2021 condo market activity closed with a total of 92 condos sold. And as of February 5th, there was a total of 155, San Mateo County condos for sale. On an interesting side note, the average since January 2003 is 350.

In January, it took an average of 38 days to sell a condo. That is, just a little over a month. In fact, timely sales of condos is also expected in February. Although, as seen in the data, quite a dynamic market is in play. And, selling an area condo should include informed decision making. As a result, that’s a must, for best results.

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