San Mateo County July 2019 Homes Update

San Mateo County July 2019 Homes UpdateReal Estate market activity for July was again, something to keep an eye on. And again, much of that attention focuses on all things single-family. In fact, the following San Mateo County July 2019 homes update covers those primary details and the data.

In usual form, the update starts with the main price factor. Also, it covers that as singularly related to single-family, resale homes. Then, there are the median sales and average sales price factors. In step as key price factors, they follow in significance, second only to home price, itself.

San Mateo County July 2019 Homes Update, Including Inventory Data

As of the end of July, prices for single family, resale homes fell. And, the price down trend was repeated, from the previous month. At the same time, median sales price fell 3.9%. Although, average sales price fell 8.9%. In fact, when it comes to a year-over-year comparison, median sales price was down 2.8%. On the other hand, average sales price was up 2.0%.

Still other price factors of note for San Mateo County July 2019 homes update focus on sales price to list price ratio, and home sales. For sales price to list price ratio, a rise took place in June, from July. It went from 104.6% to 104.9% Although, with home sales, the July factor fell 6.3%, from June. Also, note that home sales are down trending, year-over-year. As a result, nine months of home sales, in a row, were defined by a factor of -10.6%.

Now, most folks are interested in how many homes sold. And, 345 of them sold in July. Although, interested folks should know how many homes were actually for sale. That said, as of August 5th, 472 San Mateo County homes for sale were on the market. Interestingly, the average in homes for sale gives us a contrasting figure of 1,287, since January 2003.

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