San Mateo County Real Estate Market Commentary For September 2018

San Mateo County Real Estate Market Commentary for September 2018For some, it’s not that hard to look at multiple data graphs and make sense of them. Also, for a real estate professional, it’s part of the job. In fact, monthly and quarterly market reports demand it of them. Although, for the rest of us, a lot of the graph data just doesn’t make sense or add up. Since, we’re not in a position that requires a grasp on the subtle and dynamic aspects of market activity, much of the details may escape us. At the same time, it’s just those types of aspects that mold the data. As a result, for real estate entrepreneurs, home buyers and sellers, having an accurate break down and interpretation of significant detail matters. In fact, it matters to have a San Mateo County real estate market commentary for September 2018.

After all, we’re heading into the last quarter of the year, and a lot of eyes are on the area’s market performance right now. Let’s have a look at what all the graphs and data points boil down to. We may even be able to make some forecasts in trends ahead of year-end.

San Mateo County Real Estate Market Commentary For September 2018

Firstly, most people want to know about home prices and sales. How did they fare in September? Did they stay about the same as the previous month? Or, did they change? Well, the September data shows us there was a bounce in both. In fact, the median price for a single family, resale home rose 7.2%. That’s an uptick from the August percentile. As for average home pricing, it gained 8.3%. As a result, it looks good for price indicators, heading into last quarter 2018. And, home sales followed the upward trend. They rose to 3.1%, in September. That’s a robust indicator, especially since it had been trending down for the previous 3 months.

Now, there are lots of other takeaways you can glean from the month’s complex market data. Although, suffice it to say that both median and average home prices were up 12% year-over-year. At the same time, home sales, on a yearly scale went down 14.2%, as compared to September 2017.

San Mateo County Market Commentary For September 2018 Inventory

Other key factors focus on inventory. Also, that affects many things to do with buying and selling a home. San Mateo County real estate market commentary for September 2018 offers some insight.

  1. A rise in days of inventory topped off at 57 days in September. Also, that’s still lower than the County’s average of 81 days of inventory.
  2. People often want to know, “How many San Mateo County homes for sale were on the market?” In fact, there were 596 for sale, as recent as October 5th.
  3. And sellers want to know, “How much time does it take to sell a home currently? Well, that adds up to about 23 days.

You can make sense of the current, key data with easy-to-understand, San Mateo County real estate market commentary for September 2018 like this. You can do that without struggling over complex graphs and details only the experts get. Then, you enjoy being more informed in your decision making. In fact, if you have a real estate matter, why not make the most sense of it? Why not enjoy being well-informed and expertly assisted? Makes sense, right? Great to know in San Mateo County, you can count on one of America’s Best Real Estate Professionals. Why not give Carmen Miranda a call today?