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San Mateo County Single Family Homes Market

San Mateo County Singel Family Homes MarketThe San Mateo County CA homes market rolled out some interesting activity in October 2019. And, some of that activity showed a trends shift from previous months. Although, where did the shift stand out most? In fact, it stood out in home prices. As a result, the San Mateo County single family homes market reflected a rise in single family, resale homes. Previously, prices had been on a down trend for 4 months, in a row.

San Mateo County Single Family Homes Market Activity, October 2019

The rise in home prices may be the most interesting thing about October market activity. Although to further characterize that, the median sales price rose by 4.3%. Then, the average sales price followed suit. It gained 13%. At the same time, when you look at these categories from a year-over-year perspective you see contrast. As a result, the median sales price fell 3.9%, and the average sales price fell 0.8%.

Were there other single family, resale homes data on the rise last month? Well, at least the sales price to list price ratio was. And, it rose slightly, from 103.5% to 103.8%. Although, what may be more interesting generally, home sales rose 28.9%, from September. At the same time, like median and average pricing, it shows a year-over-year dip. In fact, home sales from that perspective were down by 3.8%.

Home Sales Update

Another quite informative segment of data is found related to October home sales. How many San Mateo County homes for sale were on the market? How many actually sold?

There were 540 homes for sale in the County. Also, that total rolled into a November 5th data update. When it comes to actual homes sold the October number crystallized at 379.

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