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San Mateo Knolls Homes for Sale San Mateo Knolls is one of San Mateo’s most attractive hillside areas. It sits just west of Alameda de las Pulgas, and its south end borders Belmont. When it comes to San Mateo County real estate, it has a unique combination of a well-structured, classic layout and a less predictable, spread out feel. Especially with areas closer to Belmont and westward to Laurelwood Park, homes often sit secluded in hilly niches on curvy, tree-lined streets. San Mateo Knolls real estate covers a mix of both 1950s California ranch homes and 1960s ramblers. These homes often come with thick foliage that shrouds them from the street. Those far from Alameda De Las Pulgas have a location that provides plenty of peace and quiet. San Mateo Knolls homes for sale provide a lot of choices in great settings, panoramic views and luxury living. They may often be split-level and include large lots.

San Mateo Knolls Homes for Sale and Area Features

The neighborhood stretches from Hillsdale Blvd. to Belmont and from Alameda de las Pulgas to Laurelwood Park. Its location next to the park puts homes in lush settings, with some backing up to the open spaces. San Mateo Knolls real estate like this often comes with large lots. Some may be an acre or more. Although, the standard large lot for the neighborhood as a whole seems to be about 10,000 + sq. ft. Homes set on these lots tend to have over 2,000 sq. ft. of living space. You can find San Mateo Knolls homes for sale right now with classic, open floor plans. You will find them with 3 or 4 bedrooms and two car garages. A lot of them have ideal views of the San Francisco Bay. San Mateo Knolls Real Estate

There are a few subdivisions associated with the neighborhood. These include Laurel Creek Farms.  It covers an area a bit east and a bit west of the Alameda. On the west it is referred to as San Mateo Woods. San Mateo Knolls real estate in Laurel Creek Farms includes mid-century, single-story homes. It includes an orderly street layout evoking the 1950s building style. Homes like these, closer to the Alameda range in price from about the high $900Ks to the mid $1Ms.

Many 1960s homes, including large two-stories can be found as you move westward. The west side’s real estate layout has a more random, natural feel to its streets and home niches. Homes have a more spacious and custom profile. San Mateo Knolls homes for sale like these can be found from about the mid $1Ms to the high $2Ms. Find out more about them and other homes for sale in the neighborhood. View the latest listings below. For information on other San Mateo homes for sale, browse Contact Carmen for full details.

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