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San Mateo Schools and Neighborhood Homes

San Mateo Schools and Neighborhood HomesIf you have kids and are fairly new to the area or are thinking of moving to San Mateo CA, you might have some questions about the schools. Are they good? Where are the best rated ones? In fact, we have some answers to share with you. Also, you should find plenty of positives in them when it comes to San Mateo schools and neighborhood homes.

The San Mateo Foster City School District includes many schools. Although, even more to the point, many great schools. In fact, it’s encouraging to see just how many measure up.

San Mateo Schools and Neighborhood Homes Measure Up

It’s one thing to find a home you like and quite another to find it in a neighborhood with great school(s). With growing kids in mind, you typically want both. Although, finding that needed combination can often be a challenge. It’s not so much a challenge, in San Mateo and Foster City. Let’s take a look at a few schools, their ratings and neighborhood homes now.

Aragon High School, located in the Baywood, Aragon neighborhood has a top rating on That includes some impressive statistics and parent reviews. As a result, this is just one of the San Mateo schools and neighborhood homes, real estate markets that measures up, big time. In fact, the school and its neighborhood are so popular that it’s sometimes hard to find Aragon San Mateo homes for sale. Although, check with a local area real estate expert, if you want to look into it carefully. They often know more about available homes than can be readily found.

Hillsdale High School, located in the Hillsdale, Beresford Manor neighborhood areas includes a high rating and positive statistics supporting that. Also, the Hillsdale neighborhood is full of amazing homes, making it another of the many popular places to live in San Mateo. Learn more about the area, Hillsdale homes for sale, and Beresford Manor homes for sale.

Complete Details On San Mateo Schools and Neighborhood Homes

Want to know the best way to find out about San Mateo Schools and neighborhood homes? Get in touch with an area expert like Carmen Miranda. She has decades of experience with San Mateo County real estate. Also, she has lived in the area her whole life. This allows Carmen to measure up with all the facts and inside info no online research can reveal. She’ll get you tuned into the right schools and neighborhood homes to suit your needs. And, you’ll be happy you chose a Five Star Real Estate Agent like Carmen. She’ll guide you through any education-focused, real estate decision making you may face, for a successful conclusion.