San Mateo Sugarloaf Real Estate

San Mateo Sugarloaf Real EstateWhether they know much about the area or not, many people have a least heard of Sugarloaf. They may not know exactly where it is, but know it’s a highly popular and lovely place to live. In fact, that’s the consensus. Sugarloaf is one of the most prized real estate markets in San Mateo, California. It mainly covers a general area and spread of homes in the vicinity of Laurelwood Park at Sugarloaf Mountain. As a result, San Mateo Sugarloaf real estate covers an area of prime location, as well as prime property. In addition, homes in the area cover a wide variety of subdivisions. They come in lots of styles and sizes. For example, in the area east of the park, you’ll find a homes niche that abuts park slopes. That same niche has lots of green spaces of its own.

San Mateo Sugarloaf Real Estate and Neighborhoods

Homes near the east slopes of Laurelwood Park are well-established and secluded. Lush foliage and trees edge the streets and yards. A few streets like these edge up ever so close to the park’s open space. As a result, San Mateo Sugarloaf real estate in this subdivision covers a high level of prime settings. Also, it covers many unique styles. Although, among them, you’ll find a lot of large, California ranch types.

Moving onto the area just west of the park, you find many newer home types. They come with large, open floor plans. Two story homes are common. Also, you find them in custom styles. Elegant townhomes are another big draw in this area of San Mateo Sugarloaf real estate. Many of these townhomes abut the park land. You find them on De Anza Blvd. In another section just west of the I-92, you find more elegant townhomes with great overlooks of the park.

The area west of Sugarloaf also allows residents to be close to lush open space. Homes spread out in The Highlands real estate and Baywood Park San Mateo real estate markets, not far from Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir. Lots of large, luxury homes and lush green spaces come in the mix.

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