Small Changes Make Big Home Improvements

Small Changes Make Big Home ImprovementsWhen it comes to prepping a home to sell, a lot of existing features could wind up on the chopping block. Although, for a seller, the types of features and where to start with changes may be illusive. After all, the features they love can often get a pass. At the same time, that may be just where much of the changes must be made. As a result, the favorite tile, the wall color, the cherished light fixture, and so on, should at least make it on the list for serious review. And, there’s often good news in how small changes make big home improvements. Now, that’s encouraging. Although, what are many of those small changes a seller can make?

How Small Changes Make Big Home Improvements for Great Selling Results

Start with the larger picture, in the interior. That would be walls, ceilings and floors. Need fresh paint? Need to change the color? Do it, absolutely. And, choose a light, neutral paint like light gray, beige or classic white. These are sure to appeal to most everybody. Plus, your local home improvement center will have plenty of options, in these shades, to choose from. Or, consult with a local home staging expert, for excellent tips and advice.

Next, check out the floors. You may only need to clean the grout in tile flooring. Although, any chipped or cracked tile must go. When it comes to worn hardwood flooring, it may just need re-staining. And, if carpet is well-worn, or stained, time to replace or clean thoroughly. Unsure of the best route to take, when it comes to a carpet, sure to please? Ask a home improvement center rep. Or, consult with a local home staging expert for fool-proof direction.

Some ceilings show how small changes make big home improvements. For example, older homes often have popcorn ceilings. And, these must go. Removing the popcorn is fairly simple. Just some commitment and effort is needed. Smoothing and repainting finishes the job, for an amazing transformation.

The Right Improvements Make for Great Selling Results

What’s next, now that we’ve moved past the larger players in the picture? How about molding? Adding it is easy, and you find no shortage of options in the store. Then, replace old hardware, update light fixtures and ceiling fans. Oh, and make sure they are energy efficient.  And, why not give the kitchen and bathroom a simple but big pick-me-up? Add white subway tile, as a back splash, for example. It’s neutral. Plus, it’s mass-market friendly.

Now, we’re getting somewhere. Although, if you really want to get going and past the finish line, in record time, be sure to hire an expert sellers agent. In fact, hire one, who has lots of experience and success, in not only selling but home staging. In San Mateo County real estate, that would be Carmen Miranda. If you have a home to sell in the County, why not give her a call today?