Smart Home Storage and Built In Features

Smart Home Storage and Built In FeaturesSmart storage and built in features are hot items in home improvement. And, they are hot items with home buyers these days. In fact, these are items almost sure to please them. You know, who doesn’t delight at the sight of a cool, corner linen cabinet? Or, who doesn’t love the space savings of a built in bookshelf? Also, how about a seating and cabinet combo, nicely niched into a breakfast nook? The smart use of space with a space-saving focus – invaluable. As a result, what’s not to love about smart home storage and built in features?!

When it comes to storage, organization is also huge. And, having that for closets get a thumbs up! In fact, having a closet organizer – golden. Then, all of a sudden, life gets a little bit easier. It’s that simple. Although, installing the organizer can be a minor project. At the same time, it’s easy enough and can even be quite worthwhile DIY.

Smart Home Storage and Built In Features Sure to Please

For many home buyers, nothing delights them more than smart home storage and built in features. And, that goes for me, for one. In fact, when I see built in bookcases and recessed cabinetry defining key areas of a home’s interior, I’m instantly halfway to total approval!

There may be no better space saving feature than built in and recessed shelves and cabinetry. Also, in many instances, these can be safety features. Point in fact, independent book shelves and cabinets can tilt and fall over. Their bulk can intrude. And, in a home for sale, they may not be included but leave with the seller. As a result, buying a home, with the storage and shelving built in adds tons of value to the purchasing $$$.

You could say a lot more about these sure-to-please features. And, for prospective home sellers, keep in mind, they are buyer pleasers! Don’t have any built ins or space saving storage? Now might be a good time to think about adding some.

If you plan to sell your San Mateo County home, start with the right game plan. And, talk with an expert sellers agent. In fact, contact one, who is a home prepping and staging expert, with a lengthy list of successful recently sold homes. Why not give Carmen Miranda a call today?