South San Francisco Neighborhoods and Real Estate

South San Francisco Neighborhoods and Real EstateSouth San Francisco, California is one of those must-see places on the peninsula. Also, while you may think it’s like San Francisco, it’s not. In fact, it has a totally unique vibe. While it may be next to its much larger, sister town, the two are definitely not identical twins! As a result, don’t expect to find any big city footprint. Do expect to find lots of prime locations, neighborhoods and real estate. In fact, South San Francisco neighborhoods and real estate make up some of the most sought after residential property in the whole region. That said, it’s not unusual to find a great home there with tons of luxury extras and jaw dropping views.

South San Francisco Neighborhoods and Real Estate Features

The town has nicely placed neighborhoods in hilly locations. Since that’s a key feature of South San Francisco, stunning views come as a standard. They come with the package for many South San Francisco homes for sale. In fact, a number of areas cover newer, upscale homes that also sit against lush, open spaces. Where are these homes and spaces? They edge the San Bruno Mountain State Park. There, you find master-planned niches like Terra Bay Sterling Terrace. Terra Bay includes not only tons of fine homes, but also a school, fire station and large rec center. Another attractive thing about this neck of the woods includes a secluded location behind Sign Hill. Lots of residents enjoy amazing views from that stance. They enjoy them in removed, gracious living.

Interested in this prime area by the San Francisco Bay? You should take a look at some homes on the market. Doing so makes for one of the best ways to get a solid feel for how South San Francisco neighborhoods and real estate measures up. In fact, you find one of those homes in the niche we mentioned, Terra Bay. Enjoy having a look at this upscale, contingent, South San Francisco Terra Bay home for sale.

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