Staying Safe in 2020 Holiday Season

Staying Safe in 2020 Holiday SeasonStaying safe in 2020 holiday season means more than the added precautions being taken to stop the spread. And, it still means the same, as every year. It means being aware of your surroundings. Since it’s also the time of year when thieves are highly active, we still need to keep a close eye on our belongings. As a result, when we’re out and about shopping for needs and those special gifts, let’s not put any of our belongings down for easy access to quick and slippery hands. Let’s not leave our things unattended at any time. In fact, if you see a real sign of trouble, let the store or mall security know. Also, ask them for help if you need it getting you things to your car safely.

Staying Safe in 2020 Holiday Season, Ending the Year on a Positive Note

During this time when, sadly, thefts skyrocket, it’s even a good idea to stay in after dark, unless necessary. And if then, for only a short time. In fact, robbers and thieves use the holiday bustle, confusion and evening hours as opportune cover for their misdeeds. As a result, why not use their cover against them by playing it safe? Then, when we play it safe, others may follow. And, we may help someone in the process. For example, have you ever seen anyone leave their trunk open, after depositing packages, then walk away? After letting them know, you can be sure you did the right thing, even if they may not seem grateful. Although, who wouldn’t be?

Staying safe in 2020 holiday season means just as much at home. And, most of us know the drill. Don’t leave delivered packages and mail out. Although, if you need to be away, arrange with a trusted neighbor, or concierge to keep them until you return. Also of course, don’t leave your front entrance or windows open and unlocked. That even goes for the back entrance. In fact, while that amazing Christmas tree should be on display, it’s wiser not to show it off at the picture window. Why give thieves an easy view and reach? They can break the glass. Then, quickly disappear, into the night.

Be wise. Be safe. Enjoy the holidays. And, make 2020 end on a positive, peaceful note.