August 2020 Real Estate Market Trends

Stock Market or Shock Market

Stock Market or Shock MarketUnknowns about the containment or spread of covid-19 seemed to turn our nation’s stock market into a shock market recently.  And, the virus has affected not just our public but economic health. Although, while we’re on defense right now, a natural transition to offense should come soon. In fact, America has some of the best resources, innovators, medical and scientific minds in the world. As a result, if anyone could seize the moment and put the crisis under foot, we could. We can meet the challenge. We have some choice in whether we’re going to have a stock market or shock market. Whether the issue persists, or desists.

Stock Market or Shock Market, We Can Flatten the Curve

Widespread fire sales of stocks by investors, and widespread dread of coronavirus, based solely on fears of what might happen are two fires feeding on themselves. And as fires go, they will burn themselves out or, be put out. We may be able to put them out totally. As a result, we can avoid widespread damage. We can do it, with wise decisions and actions. Call it anything else, or nothing at all, it’s still, the American Spirit.

Stock market or shock market, we can flatten the curve. And, let’s do it with the best response in time, money, resources and human ingenuity. Although, in the meantime, we might make the best of some positives, in the real estate market. You know, the rush to sell stocks has led us down the low-mortgage-rates path. In fact, rates dipped to all-time lows. Add to that another expected dip, and home buyers have a lot to gain. It’s true for existing homes, but especially for the sale of new homes. Why? Existing home inventory is limited, while new home inventory is on the rise. As a result, new home purchases look promising, as buyers eye unparalleled low, home loan rates.

Spring Home Buying Boom

The boom of Spring home buying season will likely bring a bounce in home sales. And, existing home sellers will likely jump in to take advantage.  Although, new homes will likely feel the bounce, as well. As a result, sellers have plenty of incentive to start the process now. That said, if you want to sell your San Mateo County real estate, a home or condo, connect with a local market expert. And, gain an edge on peak timing, sure to pay off in top results.