Sweet Holiday Spices With a Dash of Hope

Sweet Holiday Spices With a Dash of HopeThanksgiving reminded us that we should be grateful for the many blessings we’ve received over 2020. And as the year passes by, we’re already headed deep into the holiday season. A time to take some time, however we can, and reflect on what made a difference, what brings quality and meaning to our lives. In fact, those kinds of things have staying power, regardless of time. As a result, we can take them with us like sweet holiday spices with a dash of hope, into 2021.

Although we may be limited in the ways we can celebrate, let’s also do that. And, while covid-19 may place some restrictions on our activities, the spirit of the season is inscrutable. Let’s remember that.

Sweet Holiday Spices With a Dash of Hope for Better Tomorrow

Holiday Spices with HopeGreat cooking and baking projects, maybe more shopping online are among many can-dos. Although, they come with some work and focus, they bring plenty of joy, as we give. Add to that plenty of contact with loved ones by acceptable and available means, in this age of advanced communications. At the same time, let’s not forget about basics. In fact, there’s something about a handwritten note or letter that surpasses a quick text or email. It’s genuine. It’s someone personally imprinted in the one-of-a-kind handwriting. Is this fast becoming a lost art? Why not bring it back to life?! Holiday cards are a super way to start and keep the tradition going.

However we decide to count our blessings and celebrate, let’s stay safe. As we move into the season and perhaps, go out for gift shopping, let’s be aware of our surroundings. Let’s protect our belongings. And, let’s practice the best sanitation with sensible social distancing. At the same time, let’s enjoy the sights, sounds and scents of good cheer and good will. Then, let’s enjoy tasty treats and sweet holiday spices with a dash of hope for a better tomorrow.