I knew that you had a stellar reputation as a realtor from my neighbors who had used you



Dear Carmen,

I am writing to thank you for your exceptional service on the recent sale of my home at 564 Island Place in Redwood Shores.  I could not have been more pleased from beginning to end! I knew that you had a stellar reputation as a realtor from my neighbors who had used you, and I was impressed when I visited the three or four open houses you hosted in my area before I decided to sell.  I had planned to interview a number of realtors, but after our first meeting I was so impressed with your professionalism, your preparation, and your knowledge of the market that I felt no need to look further. For that initial meeting, you presented me with a comprehensive market analysis of my home, as well as a summary of the services you would provide to bring my home to market and achieve the highest possible sales price.

As impressive as that was, I was blown away at our second meeting! You came with an interior designer, a painting contractor, a flooring contractor, and a general contractor, and as we walked through the house we discussed what improvements prior to sale would bring the greatest return on investment.  I was so impressed that you could call on this amazing team of professionals to give me a comprehensive picture of how to best sell my home. Within a week, your team had provided bids and proposals for the work, as well as a preliminary schedule for completion, with work expedited so that I could take advantage of the peak selling season.  I felt so confident that you had worked with all these independent contractors in the past, that they knew each other and had worked together on previous homes, and that you could vouch for the quality of their work and their professionalism. In addition, I came to understand that your approach was to prepare the home to appeal to the particular demographic of likely buyers according to your thorough research and knowledge of the market.  While you did not require me to do any work on the house, I came to see the wisdom of making a small investment that would both increase the value of the home and get it sold fast. Boy, did that decision pay off!

I could not have been more pleased with the craftsmanship of the work – and how quickly the contractors were able to get it done!  The home was painted inside and out, all new flooring was installed, and tasteful updates were made to the kitchen and bathrooms, along with other necessary repairs.  The work came in on time and on budget in under 30 days! Remodeling is never pleasant, but the team of workers you put together were always courteous and respectful of my time and space, and always communicated their progress and timelines.  Most importantly, I felt so confident in your continuing to manage and “quarterback” the process that I was able to keep my vacation schedule and all of the planning for my move out of the Bay Area. I know you were on site at my house nearly every day to check on their progress and solve problems.  This service was simply “next level” – above and beyond anything I had ever heard a realtor would do.  And the fact that it was financed by Compass Concierge, without a fee and with reimbursement for all the work not due until the sale closed, made the process so easy.  From beginning to end, your service was simply the best!

Your understanding of the market really became apparent, however, when the home was listed for sale.  Even though it was the end of the summer, past the peak season for home buyers, your marketing expertise drew nearly 100 people to visit my home during the first weekend!  I had confidence in your pricing strategy, however, because of the changing and challenging real estate market I was not sure how things would play out. Incredibly, after only 10 days on the market, we had four written offers ALL ABOVE ASKING PRICE!  I give you all the credit for knowing how to get the home in shape, how to reach the maximum number of interested buyers, and for confidently bringing them to the table.  Your evaluation of the offers and recommendations on concluding the sale were invaluable and showed me again why a realtor such as you with over 30 years of experience is worth her weight in gold!  Your professionalism is unmatched, and you were always gracious, responsive, and thoughtful in our conversations. And what a classy finale – hosting a party so all the neighbors could meet the new owners and say goodbye to me!

Carmen, you are such a wonderful friend and trusted advisor!  I would be happy to recommend you to anyone who is interested in hearing about your incredible service and expertise!