“Carmen, I wish to take a moment to thank you personally for the fabulous job


you did on my behalf to get my house in Redwood Shores ready for sale and then sold in record time with a short 21 day escrow. In September you agreed to take on selling the house for me. This was a significant commitment as I knew I would be travelling in Europe on business in October and November and would not be able to support upgrading the house, managing contractors and assisting with the sale.
Here is what you did for me:
1. Helped arrange a short term loan to fund repairs and upgrades to the house.
2. Laid out a plan for all design work, modifications, staging, marketing and selling to be completed through escrow by mid December.
3. Negotiated new house colors, repairs, and exterior issues with the housing association.
4. Brought in Nancy from Habitat Enhancements who did an excellent job of design and staging.
5. Brought in contractors and workmen for the following major projects.
a. Exterior shingle, chimney and deck repair and priming.
b. Fixed roof leaks.
c. Window repair and replacement for the large bay windows and front window box.
d. Exterior House Painted.
e. New gardening and planting.
f. Interior wall, ceiling repair
g. Full interior paint.
h. New Kitchen – floors, appliances, cabinets, lights, counters.
i. New Baths (3)..sinks, cabinets, tile, floors, etc.
j. Refinished downstairs floors, new carpet throughout upstairs.
k. New lighting throughout.
l. Garage repairs, drywall and paint.
6. Negotiated payment out of escrow for most contractors to ease cash flow requirements.
7. Marketed the house with an aggressive and sophisticated program which brought in multiple qualified offers at a time when our market was sagging and no houses were selling.
8. Worked with me (while I was in Europe) to correctly price the house and negotiate offers and counter offers with the Buyers.
9. Worked with Annette Ross at North American Title to help resolve all outstanding issues.
10. Worked with the housing association to resolve all of their issues.
11. Concluded the deal and got a short 21 day escrow agreed to by the Buyers and their bank.
12. Closed it all on time on December 6th, 2018, funded same day.
You clearly enabled us to get the best price for the house realizing the most cash out by carefully budgeting
the repairs and upgrades on a best value basis….and you did it in record time.
Thanks so much. Please consider me a reference for any of your clients. “