“Carmen was amazing in all respects during the entire home buying process.


We ran into her at an open house she was holding for another property and her willingness to discuss all aspects of the home buying process and her approach to it, incredible experience and detailed knowledge across the entire peninsula, and ability to recall all aspects of a home’s details (API scores for school by neighborhood or even address) impressed us on our first meeting. Carmen is very focused on getting to know you as a client, what you are looking for, the minute details of your life that will impact which home is right for you, and takes all this into account when guiding you through the process. We discussed what we were looking for in a house on our initial consult in deep detail, discussed specific needs for kitchen and entertaining areas, a desire for a backyard to play in, wanting to have room to grow, as well as aesthetic considerations based on our personal sense of style. Many realtors put together a list of properties to inspect for you, but Carmen goes one or two extra steps. She had a bound volume containing all information about each property we were going to see each time we went to tour homes. This included the standard home details, neighborhood information, school information for each property, public records that may be pertinent, and even a listing of the neighbors (and Carmen would even knock on doors to help us chat with people in the neighborhoods!!) . In a busy world Carmen made it her priority to maximize our touring time through preparation of the booklets as well as visiting homes that fit our general profile, or listings that we sent, to narrow the list and weed out properties so we only saw houses we could potentially be interested in. During the negotiation process Carmen was always a step ahead, prepared for any contingency, and able to pull in resources from her network for any issue, inspection, or financing question. The people in her network were incredibly professional and were able to answer any questions she was not. They all showed a similar dedication to preparation that allowed us to sail through negotiations, predict exactly what would be needed to close on the house we wanted despite multiple offers, and balance and negotiate from a strong position. You can’t go wrong with Carmen, and she will be there to help you through not only the home buying/selling process, but also any area where her vast real estate experience can help.”