Carmen, you did so many things to make this work out for us!


Now that the dust has settled, we wanted to let you know how happy we were at the way everything turned out in the selling process of our home. In an “uneven and iffy” market, we achieved a selling price that was above our asking price, and our asking price was higher than the suggested “market price” option presented. And we couldn’t be happier with the family that is going to move into our house soon!

This successful result was the result of great guidance, marketing, and positioning by you, and the specific subject of this email is your ability to pull together some great people who helped us prepare the house to show potential buyers. The calendar was aggressive, but you and the people you introduced us to made it happen in a high quality and timely way.

While there were no Tradespeople who we were unhappy with, we wanted to especially call out the outstanding work of Diego, Anibal, Nancy, and Mike.

Diego, your work was great, your attitude about getting the job done, whatever it took, was always positive, and you were always on time, even early in the morning, coming from Manteca! Please thank Ivan again for us for the excellent work he did.

Anibal, we didn’t get to know you very well (because you kicked us out of our house for 4 days!), but we were very pleased with your work, the results, and the customer service attitude you displayed when you came back for our inspection. We were impressed with your dedication to doing a great job for us, that we were completely satisfied with.

Nancy, your talent was evident when you transformed our house into something that was more impressive to prospective buyers, but we were also impressed with your “can do” and “client satisfaction” approach when dealing with us and our wishes. We are sure that this is not an attribute that all creative people have!

Diego, Anibal, and Nancy – please don’t hesitate to ask us for a reference or recommendation for future jobs that you may be bidding on. We will be happy to tell your potential clients how great a job you did for us.

Anjali, a big thank you for handling the OH the following Saturday. It might have been a difficult task for you, representing one of the bidders, but we appreciate the professionalism and integrity that you brought to this task!

Carmen, you did so many things to make this work out for us! Thanks for holding our hands through this process, and thanks for bringing these great people to our Team!