“Dear Carmen, Carolyn and I are back from our trip and happily settling into our house outside of Volcano


We still can’t believe that our home in Millbrae sold so quickly and for such a great price. Thank you so much for your expertise it making that happen. As you know, we were a little discouraged after our house languished on the market for four months last year without a serious offer. We knew we needed to sell this year in a market that was even worse,so were expecting to get much less then we asked for last year. Little did we imagine that we would sell for more than $200,000 over our asking price! Your marketing strategy was brilliant and obviously effective. From the first time we met, we were confident that with you we were in the hands of a professional. You were honest about what you thought we needed to do to sell our house and comprehensive in presenting the pros and cons of a wide range of marketing options. We especially appreciated the whole team of professionals you assembled to get our house sold. Though we were out of town at the time that you, Nancy and Brian first surveyed our house, we were impressed that you emailed us the room-­-by-­-room audio of your suggestions for the work that needed to be done to make it more marketable. Initially it was difficult for us tocommit to the expense of doing the work and staging our home but, as it turned out, that expense was probably the best investment we ever made. Brian Hytry was superb in getting all the home improvements done while we were in Hawaii. We were blown away with how good everything looked when we returned. Nancy Linebarier and her team from Habitat Enhancements proved to be true artists as they staged our home in a way that made all the architectural features stand out. As it went on the market, you told us it was going to create excitement and it did. Throughout the phase of getting the house ready for market you were always available and helpful in managing the logistics of getting your team’s work done and the inspections made. Your marke analysis was astute and we appreciated the way you presented different pricing strategies that clarified the advantages and disadvantages of each. We’re so glad we picked the strategy you recommended. You were great in keeping us informed of buyers comments from the open houses and the numbers of prospective buyers who visited the video website and the number who downloaded our disclosures. We always felt that our home had the maximum exposure to buyers and that you had anticipated every detail needed to make it sell. Of course we were thrilled when, after only 7 days on the market, you presented us with three bids, all over our asking price. Little did we know at that time that your work had just begun. You were instrumental in helping us evaluate each offer and counter with the most effective strategy for each bid. You were able to negotiate a great deal for us. Even though we were nervous as each contingency came up for removal, we were confident that you were always on top of things. In fact, you remained totally engaged and on top of our evolving situation even when you were on vacation. We’re sorry we had to interrupt your trip so frequently but even on the beach you got back to us and made the deal happen. I still can’t believe that we successfully closed escrow in less than five weeks! So Carmen, thank you, thank you, thank you. We experienced the agony of our house sitting on the market with nothing happening last year and now the joy of working with you and getting our house sold in record time for a fantastic price. We are so glad you were recommended to us and we are more than happy to enthusiastically recommend you to any prospective clients you might have. Carolyn and I are happy to finally be settled here in thefoothills. We could not have done it without all the work that you and your team did to get our house sold. Whenever you want to get away from the bustle of life in the Bay Area, come visit us in the Mother Lode.”